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Samvat 2070, Chaitra Vad 9, Budhvar

Hindu Calendar Explained

The Hindu calendar system is based upon the motion of the moon.  Each lunar year comprises twelve months.  The lunar year comprises 354 days, compared to 365 ¼ days of the Gregorian calendar, which is based on the solar system.

This gap increases to a month over a period of three years.  For this reason, the Hindu lunar calendar has an extra month every three years, named Adhik.

The month of Adhik is considered to be more auspicious, and is referred to as the month of Purushottam, God.  Those observing extra penance, bhakti and benevolence during this month gain extra blessings from God and their sins are washed away.  During this month auspicious events such as weddings are avoided.

The counting of the years of the Hindu calendar commenced from the birth of King Vikram Samvat.  It is for this reason that Hindu dates are prefixed with VS, to define Vikram Samvat.

The Hindu months and the Gregorian calendar months are as follows:

1          Kartik             October – November

2          Magsar          November – December

3          Poash            December – January

4          Maha              January – February

5          Falgun           February – March

6          Chaitra           March – April

7          Vaishakh       April – May

8          Jyeshth          May – June

9          Ashadh          June – July

10        Shravan         July – August

11        Bhadarvo       August – September

12        Aaso                September – October

Chronological List of Festivals

Festivals Hindu Months Gregorian Months
Makar Sakranti 14thday (B.H.)Maha  January
Vasant Panchmi, Shikshapatri Jayanti 5thday (B.H.), Maha  January/February
Maha Shivratri 14thday (D.H.), Maha  January/February
NarNarayan Jayanti, Holi 15thday (B.H.), Falgun  February/March
Swaminarayan Jayanti, Ramnavmi 9thday (B.H.), Chaitra March/April
Rath Yatra 2ndday (B.H.), Ashadh June/July
Chaturmas 11thday (B.H.), Ashadh June/July
Hindola 2ndday (D.H.), Ashadh June/July
Rakshabandhan Last day (B.H.), Shravan July/August
Janmashtami 8thday (D.H.), Shravan July/August
Ganesh Choth 4thday (B.H.), Bhadarvo August/September
Rushi Panchmi 5thday (B.H.), Bhadarvo August/September
Jal Jilni 11thday (B.H.), Bhadarvo August/September
Vaman Jayanti 12thday (B.H.), Bhadarvo August/September
Sharad Poonam Last day (B.H.), Aaso  September/October
Dhan Teras 13thday (D.H.), Aaso October/November
Kali Chaudas 14thday (D.H.), Aaso October/November
Diwali Last day (D.H.), Aaso October/November
Ankoot 1stday (B.H.), Kartik October/November
Bhai Beej 2ndday (B.H.), Kartik October/November
Tulsi Vivaha 11thday (B.H.), Kartik October/November
Dhanurmas 2ndday (B.H.), Magsar November/December
Key: B.H.=Bright Half,    
        D.H.=Dark Half

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